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Wed, 09 Jan 2019

Rebuilding an Arch

easier than it looks


Not clear, but looks like misconfigured packages after multiple installations, uninstallations and re-installations of packages and Desktop Environments


So today I had problems that caused KDE Plasma to not acknowledge my laptop as a laptop. In other words, my Arch was on the edge of collapse.


So, I tried reinstalling all the packages of my installation in one command, like so

# pacman -Qenq | sudo pacman -S -

But as you can see the post hasn’t ended here, it didn’t pan out.


After hours of help at #archlinux and #kde-plasma, I found this Forum page that gave me just the right instructions!

  1. First up, I removed all the orphaned/unused packages rotting away in my system.

    # pacman -Rns $(pacman -Qtdq)
  2. next, I force-reinstalled all the packages I had in my installation.

    # pacman -Qqen > pkglist.txt
    # pacman --force -S $(< pkglist.txt)


Now my installation is sweet as candy with no loss of any personal configs, and everything is perfect again!

😄 🎉

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